iphone screen repair vancouver

Zee Mobile Vancouver’s best choice for affordable & fast iPhone repair offers 1 Hour screen repair service for iPhone 6, 7, iPhone X and 11, to name a few. Also, we perform Headphone Jack, charging ports, Home button, minor water damage repairs and dead battery replacement daily.

International village mall in Gastown

Enter through the electronic doors near Keefer place and Abbott street, then walk ahead 30 steps. On your right, you’ll see the store.

 iphone screen repair vancouver

How much does it cost to repair an iPhone 7 Screen?

iPhone 7 screen repair cost is $29.00 with AppleCare Coverage and $95.00 out of warranty, But for fast service and a better price, we highly recommend using a third-party cell phone repair shop.

Repair Prices Reduced On Select iPhones (tax not included in the price)

iPhone 7 (reduced)
Save 10% on screen eplacement for iPhone 7
Only $49.99

iPhone x (reduced)
Save 10% on screen replacement for iPhone X.
Only $119.99

LCD/Display table for iPhonePrice
6+ and 6s LCD/Display$49.99
6s+ LCD/Display$49.99
7 LCD/Display$49.99
7+ LCD/Display$69.99
8 LCD/Display$59.99
8+ LCD/Display$69.99
XS LCD/Display$119.00
XR LCD/Display$119.00
XS MAX LCD/Display$279.00
iPhone 11 front & back glass$149.00 – Back Glass ??
11 PRO LCD/Display$249.00
11 PRO MAX LCD/Display$379.00
LCD/Display table for iPhone

Our Other Specialties

We also offer key Fob And key cut service, all at a price that will make you smile because we have made our services affordable. Hence, we have reduced the screen digitizer repair on the iPhone x and 7.
Check out our Google reviews. They speak for themselves.

1 hour iphone screen repair
Excellent Service

We offer 1-hour iPhone screen repair, so be sure to arrive by 6:30 pm for same-day service.

phone repair vancouver
Phone Repair Vancouver

Zee Mobile is reliable & affordable mainly because our technicians are highly trained to perform various fixes.

brake the piggy bank and bring us your iPhone 5 for repair
No Fix No Pay

We offer our 100% No Fix, No pay Guarantee “for that reason” If we can’t fix your broken Phone, there is no charge.

Iphone battery replacement

iPhone Battery Replacement Cost Vancouver (Tax Not Included)

We make a free diagnosis first to determine if the phone needs a need battery before changing it. It may be a good idea to determine How much Apple charges iPhone battery replacement before choosing a third-party.

iPhone 5, 5S & 5SE & 5C Battery$39.99
IPhone 6, 6+, 6S & 6S+ Battery$49.99
iPhone 7 & 7+ Battery$59.99
iPhone 8 Battery$69.99
iPhone 8+ Battery$79.99
price table for iPhone battery

Best iPhone X Screen Repair In Vancouver

You can fix a broken iPhone at an Apple Store. An Apple Authorized Service Provider or by sending it to an Apple Repair Center. Conversely, you can use a third-party for cell phone screen repair like ours. However, be sure that the shop uses high-quality parts and has an excellent cell phone repair reputation.

Third-Party Phone Repair Shops, Faster & Cheaper Is Better

Get Started by doing a Google search for phone repair companies that offer same-day screen replacement services so you can narrow the results to 2 or 3 iPhone repair specialists.
Then, search through their reviews and find out what customers have to say about their mobile phone repair service?

Zee Mobile’s lower than national average iPhone screen repair cost is a better value.

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Monday11:00 AM - 7:30 PM Open now
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