Zee Mobile Vancouver’s best choice for affordable & fast cell phone repair offers same-day screen repair for iPhone 5, 5s, iPhone 6 iPhone X, to name a few. We also perform Headphone Jack, charging ports, Home button, minor water damage repairs and dead battery replacement daily.

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iphone 6 screen repair vancouver

Key fob copy and key cutting services in Vancouver

Our other specialties include key Fob copykey cutting services & copy key Fob to phone, all at a price that will make you smile.
Next, We have made our products and services affordable for our clients. Hence, for a limited time, We are offering 10% savings on iPhone glass replacement on select models.
 Check out our google reviews. They speak for themselves. Customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority.

1 hour iphone screen repair

Excellent Service

We offer 1 hour iPhone screen
repair. For Sameday pick up please bring your phone to us by 6:30 p.m.

screen replacement for iphone

Phone Repair Vancouver

Zee Mobile is reliable & affordable. Our technicians are highly-trained to perform a variety of fixes.

iphone Screen Repair cost

No Fix No Pay

Zee Mobile offers our 100% No Fix, No Fee guarantee on all Apple Phones. If we can't fix it, there is no charge. That Simple.

Special Introductory Offer

Get 10% off iPhone 5, 5s, iPhone 6 iPhone X, screen replacement with promo code "5s to X"

iPhone Repair Prices Reduced on select Models

Get 10% off on iPhone 5 and 5s screen replacement at Zee Mobile.

How much does it cost to fix an iPhone 6 Screen in Vancouver?
iPhone 6 screen repair price for Vancouver and Canada is $29.00 with AppleCare Coverage and $179.00 out of warranty.

Alternatively, you can take your broken phone to local cell phone repair shops in your neighbourhood for a free quote.

We offer 1-hour screen replacement with quality parts for all iPhones model 5 to X at a very affordable price.

Get a 10% discount on-screen replacement for iPhone 6

10% off on screen replacement for iPhone X.


Front Glass $149.99
For back glass please enquire. 



Zee mobile’s lower than national average iPhone screen repair cost is a better value.

iPhone 5 & iphone 5s Screen Repair Vancouver ?

The iPhone 5 & 5s consists of glass for most parts; sooner or later, it will drop, and the glass will break;
Fix my phone please, I need an iPhone 5s screen repair in Vancouver.
If you are not a phone techie like most and don’t know how to replace the iPhone 5s screen yourself, you have two options.

Bring Your Broken iPhone to the apple store

Before you do that, check your AppleCare coverage. If you are covered, excellent check out iPhone 5s Screen replacement cost in Canada before deciding to use the Apple store or a third-party service provider.

Get The Screen Replaced by a Third Party

Begin by Searching Google for phone repair companies that offer same-day iPhone screen replacement services.
Next, search through their reviews and find out what customers have to say about their mobile phone repair service?

iPhone X Screen Repair Vancouver

You can fix a broken iPhone screen at an Apple Store. An Apple Authorized Service Provider, or by sending it to an Apple Repair Center. If you have an AppleCare+ plan, you can use it to cover screen repair.
Alternatively, you can use a third-party for cell phone screen repair. We use high-quality parts and have an excellent reputation for iphone X screen repair in Vancouver

iPhone Battery Replacement Cost Vancouver

Zee mobile provides a complete diagnosis of your iPhone before replacing the battery and will dispose of your old battery at no additional cost.
before going to a third party service provider find out how much apple charges for iphone battery replacement.

$39.99 plus Tax

$49.99 plus Tax

$59.99 plus Tax

$69.99 plus Tax

$79.99 plus Tax

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