How Are Duplicate Keys Made?

A key duplicator is a machine that cuts the keys.
The original key is placed in a holder on one side of the key duplicator, lined up with the blade. Place a blank key in the clamp on the machine’s side that contains the alignment tool. The alignment tool is a piece of the metal aligned side by side with the blade. On the duplicator, the alignment bar ensures the keys are even with one another.
Turn on the engine, and as the original and blank keys move horizontally crossed the device, the blade cuts into the blank key. They are mimicking the original as a template. Then, the lock tech will sand the duplicate key for a smooth finish. The final product is the same key that matches the original.

how to make keys with the key duplicator machine

Where To Get Keys Made?

While key cutting kiosks are increasingly popping up in big-box chains such as Walmart and Canadian Tire and hardware stores, these machines aren’t necessarily reliable over time. 
While they work well, there is no guarantee that they’re always recalibrated or well-maintained in the long run.
Zee Mobile keeps cutting machines well-calibrated to increase the elimination of human error. And if cutting wheels become old, they are changed to maintain flawless cuts. 
We cut many keys daily. Besides, our well-trained techs are friendly and efficient. 
We deliver quality, and it may cost a bit more, but your time is essential too. And we duplicate keys right the first time.
Unlike the superstores, we are not always open. Get an extra key duplication before it is needed. Visit Zee Mobile at 88 W Pender St In Vancouver Today!

Don't Make A Key Duplication Of A Copy?

How accurate is the key that you need to duplicate?
Decode worn down keys before duplication.
The key gauge shown in the image below shows the original cuts’ depths. In general, however, one should not make a duplicate key without the original on hand.

key gauge tool is to gauge the depth of the original cuts

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