XML Sitemap For Zee Mobile
My job is to crawl your site and submit the pages to the Google index, and I accomplish that goal by following internal/external links on the world wide web.

Sitemaps Tell Search Engines What Your Site is About

XML sitemap or website map helps web crawlers/spiders discover the pages on your site.
It provides search engines with a website’s URL structure and offers data a complete plan of all pages.
Allowing search engines to prioritize pages that they will crawl.
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What are the benefits of a site map?

Why are sitemaps not popular even though they help boost online presence in search results?
The focus is that if a site is healthy and organize, there is no need to submit a sitemap to google for verification.
The flip side is that an area with very poor navigation and on-page SEO has to offer a sitemap.
There may be substance to that, but we tend to believe that giving Google extra clues about your site helps. So Why not cover all your bases?

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