Duplicate RFID key fobs is broadly widespread because they are easy to manage and use.
They kill the method of filing a metal key around in a lock – hold or wave the fob over the reader.
Proximity keys are another excellent option for easy entry.

Fobs give the same function as regular keys but offer additional convenience and security. Suppose a fob is lost or you wish to deny someone (say, a former employee or tenant) entry. In that case, you can easily cancel access to that particular fob.

Why do apartment buildings use keyless entry systems?

Residents of buildings such as Condos have come to enjoy using RFID key tags and rely on the added security that RFID keyless entry systems provide.
Remote entry systems are programable and offer more benefits than their counterpart metal keys and locks.

Here at Zee Mobile we offer sameday duplicate RFID keys for garage remotes and Condos.

A 125 kHz RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) key tag is for employee access or permission to use a machine, access a secure area or drive a vehicle. RFID Fobs provide access control for apartment and hotel rooms, public transportation, e-payment and identification purposes.
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need To duplicate rFID key fob?

Need to duplicate a spare? We can clone and program key cards and fobs for garage remotes, condos and apartments fast & easy at affordable prices. 

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What is a proximity key?

A proximity key is a fob that enables keyless entry. The fob interacts with a reader through RFID.
Proximity keys are different from an RFID key. The key fob must be insight with the RFID reader to unlock or open the door.
In contrast, the proximity key can reside in a pocket or a bag to unlock the door. Proximity keys are used initially for automobiles but are now in use for building access control systems.

A proximity key is different from an RFID fob. The key fob must be insight with the RFID reader to allow access.
In contrast, the proximity key can remain in a bag or pocket to unlock the door.
Modern key fobs work through RFID.

A barcode system identifies and track data on cards containing the stored information and transfer it through radio waves.
The barcode method works similarly to a barcode you would see on the back of a package. Or the magnetic strip on your credit card – it requires a reader to gain the information.

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