Most of us have experienced keyless entry systems, Whether it’s a key card or fob to lock or open car doors or enter a residential or commercial building.  

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When Was The First Car Keyless Entry System Manufactured?

The keyless entry system was made by Ford and introduced in 1980.
It was used with the Thunderbird and the Lincoln Mark VI. 

A keyless entry pad located on the side of the driver’s door required entering different codes to open doors and trunk.

However, in 1982 the french automaker Renault discover a better way.
A handheld transmitter for the Renault Fargo in 1983.
Shortly after in 1989, automakers in North America followed suit and created handheld systems as well.

The keyless entry systems hit the market in1980's.
Fob and Key Card in a building managment office

What Are The Benefit of Remote Keyless Entry For A Building

The first thing that comes to mind is convenience

All In One! A single key locks or unlocks the parking garage, storage locker, front entrance, common-space entrance, and even a separate unit entrance.
These are most popular in condo developments but can also be present in apartments.

Building Security And Employee Safety

Traditional keys are easy to duplicate if misplaced or stolen when an employee or a resident leaves the building and doesn’t return the keys.

The building keyless entry system software can erase security credentials and deny access at a moment’s notice.

How do keyless card entry systems work?

To trigger an act, whether it’s to open a door or pay for a purchase, the user has to swipe their card through a magnetic reader.
A keyless card entry system is a simple to use and inexpensive security solution for larger organizations with people accessing the same areas.

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