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fob ornamentation, Key Fob Meaning

The word Key Fob has several meanings. The most popular one is for the shipping industry, which stands for “free on board” or “freight on board.”
Free onboard the seller or the buyer is liable for goods that are damaged or destroyed during shipping.

Next, “Fresh Off the Boat is a derogatory remark. The term is to describe immigrants of Asian descent who have yet to assimilate into American culture fully.

Finally, A key fob is a programmable hardware device that provides access to a physical object.
Such as keyless entry, open and close the doors to the condo, car and the parking garage.
It looks like we delivered on the meaning of key Fob; View the technical explanation, then let us continue with its origin.

What is A Fob? ornamentation

The word key fob is a term used to describe a key chain and several other similar items and devices.
Originating from the low German dialect for the word Fuppe, meaning “pocket,” The name fob originates from watch fobs as early as 1888.  The fob relates to a decoration attached to a Key chain. 

A Pocket-watch chain, garage door openers, remote car starters, remote controls and keyless entry devices on hotel room doors called fobs or key fobs. Some fobs were also functional, talking bottle openers, flashlights, or another relatively recent USB.

what does a fob stands for?

A fob, usually called a key fob, is a small security hardware device to control and grant access to electronic access control systems.
The key fob represents a randomly generated entry codes, which changes regularly every 30 to 60 seconds.
Users will first authenticate themselves on the key fob with a (PIN), personal identification number ensued by the new code displayed on the device.

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