How much apple charge for battery replacement?

If you are covered either by consumer law, warranty or AppleCare+, Apple will replace your iPhone battery at no additional cost.
Check out the status of your AppleCare+ coverage by entering your iPhone serial number. 

If your iPhone is damaged, impairs the battery’s replacement, such as a cracked screen, the issue dealt with before replacing the battery. Sometimes, there is a cost associated with the repair.

The chart below contains Battey replacement pricing for all iPhone models. 
These prices refer only to battery repairs made by Apple.
Apple Authorized Service Providers’ pricing may vary.

iPhone battery replacement Canada

How Much Apple Charges For Battery Replacement? cHART

Where can I get my iPhone battery replaced?

Go local. But 1st. Locate the bill of sale for your iPhone to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty or AppleCare coverage is valid, which entitles you to free repair.
Next, consider using a third-party cell phone repair shop in your neighbourhood if the warranty is expired.

Please visit Zee Mobile at International Mall at the corner of W Pender and Abbott in Gastown near Downtown Vancouver to make an appointment with us. We’ll try to resolve the issue during your visit.
Alternatively, Please Call 604 206 2599 to book a service call.


Have your iPhone ready for service.

How to back up with iCloud

Back up your data to iCloud before your visit

  1. Connect your iPhone to a wifi network.
  2. Go to Settings > [your name], tap iCloud.
  3. Tap iCloud Backup.
  4. Tap Back Up Now. Stay connected to wifi until the process completes.
  5. You can check the progress and confirm the backup is complete. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup. Under Back Up Now, you’ll see the date and time of your last backup.
How much apple charge for battery replacement?
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How much apple charge for battery replacement?
Nothing is impossible, but it would be highly unlikely that you can find a lower price for iPhone batteries in Vancouver. Like $40.00 for any iPhone 5 series. We go all the ay for you! Price doesn't include tax or labour.
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