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Did you break the iPhone screen? and like to know is it worth the cost of repair?

iphone 6s, 7 screen repair cost is worth it, as it saves customers time and money.
In most cases, an affordable screen repair can reach your device’s life in several months. (or even years, in some cases). In addition, repairing your iphone 7 and 6 instead of replacing it means that you’ll be able to enjoy your current phone. At the same time, newer tech is being developed and released.

How much does iPhone Screen Repair cost?

The average screen repair and replacement cost for iPhone were $220.00 in the year 2021.
The low-end price is $39 to $140
High-end cost is $279 to $329

If you own an iPhone, chances are sooner or later; you’ll drop it and cracked the screen.
It is relatively inexpensive to fix a cracked screen with genuine apple parts at the apple authorized service centre, but the Apple warranty does not cover it.

Apple repair shop is excellent . Besides, Apple offers a complimentary one-year limited warranty.
But what if you cracked your iPhone 7 display accidentally? does apple cover you? The short answer is NO.

According to Apple’s one-year Limited Warranty, if the screen cracked due to negligence on your behalf, the repair cost is not covered.
Furthermore, In the section that excludes the warranty, you’ll learn what is not covered by the Apple warranty, such as accident, abuse, misuse, fire, liquid contact, earthquake or other external cause.

how much does it cost to repair an iphone screen

AppleCare Plan iPhone Repair Pricing

$39.00 if you are under AppleCare or consumer law coverage. And without its warranty, $179.00. to have the glass screen replaced.

Apple iPhone screen replacement cost Out of warranty pricing
iPhone 6 display replacement$129.00
iPhone 6+ 6s display replacement$149.00
iPhone 6s+ display replacement cost$169.00
iPhone 7 display replacement$149.00
iPhone 7+ display replacement$169.00
iPhone 8 display replacement$149.00
iPhone 8+ display replacement$169.00
iPhone x display replacement$279.00
iPhone xs display replacement$279.00
iPhone xs Max display replacement$329.00
iPhone 11 display replacement$199.00
iPhone 11 Pro display replacement$279.00
iPhone 11 Pro Max display replacement$329.00
Getting your iPhone’s battery replaced will not only result in more excellent battery life but also possibly speed up the iPhone performance
Zee Mobile screen repair costTax not included in the price
iPhone 6 $49.99
iPhone 6+ And 6s $49.99
iPhone 6S+$49.99
iPhone 7 Screen Repair Cost$49.00 Plus 10% OFF is 44.10.
iPhone 7+ $69.99
iPhone 8$59.99
iPhone 8+ $69.99
iPhone X $119.00 Plus 10% OFF is 107.10.
iPhone XR $119.00
iPhone XS$119.00
iPhone XS MAX$279.99
Zee Mobile glass repair cost for iPhone 6 to XS MAX

IPhone Screen Repair cost By Third-Party Service Providers

Another repair choice is hosting a third-party to fix your cracked iPhone.
Merchants such as Zee Mobile, iPhone Dr, Cell Clinic offer same-day phone repair, charge less.
And a quicker turnaround time than the Apple store. 
Go mobile repair services will likewise go to you for the repair, which can save you time.

Third-party phone repair shopsPrice
iPhone 6 screen replacement cost$64.00
iPhone 6+ & 6s $74.00
iPhone 6S+ screen replacement$84.00
iPhone 7 screen replacement cost$90.00
iPhone 7+ $90.00
iPhone 8 & 8+ $95.00
iPhone X screen replacement cost$225.00
iPhone XR $235.00
iPhone XS $245.00
Third-Party phone repair shops

Zee Mobile offers low cost iPhone 7 screen repair. So bring your phone to us.
We can replace your glass within 30 minutes.

iPhone 7 screen repair cost

Apple CanadaZee MobileThird-Party mobile repair shops
$149.00$49.00 plus applicable taxes$90.00
It is cheaper and faster to fix the glass on an iPhone at Zee Mobile.
No appointments are necessary.

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