Top-notch & Affordable Repair For iPhone 5s Screen

iphone 5 & 5s screen replacement cost

Apple iPhone 5s Cracked screen repair in Canada is $39.00 if you are under AppleCare coverage.
Out of warranty price, $179.00.

Zee Mobile cracked LCD repair for iPhone 5 serious is $40.00. (Tax not included)
walk it in or call 778 951 1181 for availability. 

For Apple iPhone 5s cracked screen repair, we recommend calling us first because we use high-quality parts and replace them for as little as $39.99 before applicable taxes.

We use high-quality parts and get it done for you for as little as $39.99 before applicable taxes.

If there are other damages to the phone, There may be additional charges applicable.
Like to know if you are covered or not? Check your AppleCare+ Coverage by entering your iPhone serial number on their website.

iPhone is one of the most notable cell phones in the market today and offers a wide range of superb features. 
Willing iPhone enthusiasts spend hundreds if not thousands to keep up with the latest models despite their high price.
Its curved screen is spectacular, and its super-fast charging speed is incredible. 

But what if your precious iPhone gets broken? 
Dealing with damaged can be inconvenient, frustrating, and expensive, depending on the iPhone model and the extent of the damage.

Cost of iPhone 5s in Canada

Apple iPhone 5s in gold, silver or space gray arrived in Canada in 2013 med September. The suggested retail price for the iPhone 5s is $229.00 for the 16 GB model. and $329.00 for the 32 GB model, and $439.00 for the 64 GB model.
However, today the cost of the iPhone 5 in Canada is $50.00 to 125.00, depending on storage.

How much to repair an iPhone 5 screen?

Now and days screen repair pricing for iPhones are high at the Apple stores in Canada.
You are better off buying a new one instead in some cases.
In fact, if you don’t have an apple warranty or AppleCare+ Coverage, an iPhone 5 screen repair will cost you $179.00.
Cracked screen repair for iPhone 5 series is a flat rate of $39 with AppleCare+ Coverage. Or $99 to fix other hardware damage types.

Screen repair apple vs the third party

You can replace your shattered iPhone screen either at an Apple Store or one of many Apple-authorized service providers.
They use genuine Apple parts and precision tools to ensure that your screen works like new after repair.
Some sites offer same-day service. That works but expensive in comparison to other repair options available to you.

the third party cracked iPhone 5s screen repair services

Most of us use and abuse our phones daily. It has a lot to do with what we do for a living.
For example, construction workers usually carry many tools on-site, making them clumsy and accident-prone.
A point in question?
Wouldn’t it be cheaper to go to a third-party phone repair shop that uses quality parts instead of apple? 

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Before Your Visit Backup Your Data To ICloud

How to back up with iCloud
Connect your iPhone to a wifi network.
Go to Settings > [your name], tap iCloud.
Tap iCloud Backup.
Tap back up now stay connected to wifi until the process completes.

Check out a short video on how to repair iphone 5s.

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